100 Inspirational Suffolk Women

As part of our celebrations in the run up to the Festival on October the 6th, we’re sharing 100 of Suffolk’s inspirational women from the past and the present day. 

We are celebrating inspiring women, whether still living or part of our history; women who’ve lifted up other women; women who’ve been a role model for others; women who work collaboratively; women whose knowledge and work have been of benefit to others; women who have created change.  We are keen to celebrate women from all walks of life – the community, politics, the arts and sciences, public service, sport, journalism. We want to show that women are inspirational wherever they are. 

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see each of our #100InspirationalSuffolkWomen as they are shared each day, you can also scroll back to see those that have been shared already.

We’ve had lot’s of nominations so far but if you would like to nominate someone you can. Simply email us with the following:

  • approximately 150 words about an inspirational woman, past or present, who lives (lived) in Suffolk, or has (had) a significant relationship with Suffolk. Send it with a picture and a website link (if available).  Who is/was she? What makes/made her special? What has she done/did she do?
  • if she is living and working locally, please ask her permission. If she is a ‘famous’ woman and her information is in the public domain, it would nevertheless be courteous to let her know that you are submitting her story. 

On the day of the Festival, we hope to have formed the pictures of our 100 women into an exhibition.